Difference of Opinion this Early OnMature

Dawn the ruler of the Underworld opened the bedroom door and leapt back as something heavy flew past his head.

“Gabriel” he shouted “that nearly hit me”

“Good” Gabriel growled picking up the towel he had dropped in surprise as the door had flown open. “Maybe you'll learn to knock next time” he fastened the towel back around his waist. Dawn knocked lightly on the door “bit late now” Gabriel grumbled.

“Better late than never” Dawn grinned walking up to him the daemon wrapped his arms around the damp vampyre Gabriel looked up at him.

“What?” he grumbled.

“Your hairs growing back nicely” Dawn said running his hand over Gabriel wet hair.

“I've got to get dressed” Gabriel said pulling out of Dawn's arms and moved to his dressing screen and Dawn sat down on the edge of Gabriel's bed.

Behind the screen Gabriel pulled a pair of black and dark grey combats on then came out using the towel to dry his hair.

Dawn grinned at him and Gabriel frowned turning away from the daemon he searched the bedside table for something to tie his hair back with.

Dawn grinned to himself and carefully hooked his finger into the belt loop of Gabriel's trousers pulling the vampyre backwards into his lap.

“Dawn?” Gabriel shouted more out of shock then anger Dawn's arms wrapped around him “get off” Gabriel growled.

“Love you sweetie” Dawn mumbled into the side of Gabriel's neck.

“Will you behave yourself” Gabriel snapped sliding of Dawn's lap.

“Why?” Dawn grinned.

“Because you irritate me when you're in this mood”

“I've got to be serious again soon so for now I can do what I want”

“Like hell you can” Gabriel grabbed a t-shirt from the wardrobe and Dawn smiled as Gabriel moved his wings slightly and the daemon saw the pink flush across the vampyres shoulders before he pulled on his top.

“You’re cute” Dawn grinned waiting for a slap that never came.

“Screw you” Gabriel snapped almost half heartedly.

“Gladly” Dawn laughed Gabriel sighed and sat down on the other side of the bed pulling his boots on then stood up tugging his belt on and strapping two short swords to the back of it.   

“Gabriel” Dawn moved around to the other side of the bed “I'm worried about you”

“When are you not?” Gabriel growled. “I'm alright”

“Bullshit” Dawn smiled holding Gabriel's shoulders.

“Its not bullshit” Gabriel snarled “I'm fine”

“I don’t believe you” Dawn frowned “you’ve been through hell and back and you tell me you're fine?”

“That’s because I am” Gabriel said.

“Fine” Dawn let him go “you convince yourself of that” the daemon headed towards the door. “But I still don’t believe you” Dawn closed the door leaving Gabriel alone. Gabriel growled to himself then pulled his coat on slung his bag on and with one last look at Hyperion he left the room too. 

The End

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