The Inn

I slung my rucksack over my shoulder as the bus drove off. We all looked pretty dumbstruck. Daniella turned round, facing me.

 "Where the hell are we?" She hissed.

 I shrugged. "Maybe we should find the Inn. Thats where we could ask questions."

The others nodded.

We stepped through the gate into what looked like an urban hell. The scent of stale blood wafted into my nose, and I noticed I was standing in a pool of the stuff. I stepped out, shuddering.

It was like a horror film, and we'd only been here 3 minutes. I looked around. In the main plaza, I saw an old lady hurrying across a blood soaked field, yet she didn't seem concerned about what she was standing in.

Jake and Tom had moved ahead to the map in next to a pillar. Me and Danille followed them, looking over our shoulders.

Tom pointed out a red mark on the board. "That's where we are." He moved his finger over to a building marked "Inn". "Thats where the Inn is. Lets go." He muttered, hurrying away from the map.

Jake didn't seem fazed. I was shocked he hadn't seen this coming.

It was almost like he read my mind.

 "I didn't think this would happen." He stuttered.

I smiled. "How...unusal." I laughed at how posh I sounded.

"Odd time to laugh." He added.

We saw the Inn in front of us. The sign read: "Saitan's Corner." (Wow, how inviting...)

We all just stood there.

"C.R.A.P." Danielle mouthed.

Tom gulped. Then, he knocked on the door.

We waited in silence. The door was unlocked, and a young lady opened it.

She was about 20, with honey coloured hair and bright blue eyes. She looked scared, and was holding a rose tight in her hand. She was dressed in rather old fashioned attire. A blue dress that looked like it could have been worn by Juliette, and a maids cap. She stepped back, a little shocked.

"We're the visitors. Here for a week. We found an ad in the paper...lets just say I think we've been ripped off." I said clearly.

She mumbled something to herself before smiling.

"Oh...sorry. Well...I can explain. Please just come inside. Please don't leave...I've been looking for outsiders for so long...Please, hurry before he see's you."

We all walked in calmly, yet all wondering who 'he' was.

The End

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