Past Of Paradise

I ran. The city was no longer home. I ran and ran and ran. I could almost see the gates, the door from hell. I turned over my shoulder for a brief second.

They were still following me.

I trembled and fell on a stone, my thick, short brown hair falling around my face. My steel-blue eyes were shaking, tears coming quicker than i would of hoped.

Someone stood behind me. A woman. With the longest black hair i'd ever seen. Her eyes were perfectly green and they looked down at me mockingly. She wore the uniform of one of the chiefs of the broken guards.

When she spoke, it was a foul sound. She swore at me sereveral times. ' have no right to challenge our leader for how he rules our city. What do you know?'

I wanted to punch her. Honestly i did. My farther was the true ruler of this city. But he had been killed by the man who came from the city.

That idiot.

I got up, my eyes were filled with rage. She arched one eyebrow, and her look told me i was a piece of rubbish to her.

'Don't play around. Gimme the key and no-one gets hurt.'

I shook my head, too afraid to use my own voice.

'Too bad. Guess i'll kill you and see what happens. She pulled a small blade from her hip. It was terrifying.

I almost collapsed. But i couldnt give up. Not until this key was safely in the hands of the daughter of Garan.

She twiddled the blade in her hand.

'This was Kyles, know that?'

The sound of my brothers name almost broke my very soul. He'd been killed in battle. Like most young men from this city.

I still didn't speak.

A scream interupted both of us. I turned my head to see the daughter of Garan screaming at the top of her lungs at me. I knew then why she was here.

'Take it!' I trembled, throwing her the key.

I barely saw her catch it and flee before the woman charged foward and stuck the dagger in my own hip.

So this was the end? It wasn't.

I could still move, my blood was still pumping. I darted towards the direction of the Inn. Could Abigail help me? No.

If Garan's daughter and the key survived, and the city was safe, i was no longer needed.

I wondered if my ad in the paper had worked. With the fake photo. And the fake discription.

I remembered reciveing a letter from some people saying they were on there way.

Guess i wouldnt see them.

This is my goodbye.

~Loala-Rose Trimpton


~The centuries of blood no longer contain my soul.



The End

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