The Black Cloud

The day drew on without any problems. The bus arrived at exactly 25 past 3. The driver was a fairly young man, (rare, isn't it?) and he didn't have a single other passenger. The man looked at his, his cold blue gaze shocked. 'So, your off to Magical Land eh?' He teased. We were confused. This was a major advertisement in a newspaper, and we were the only one's who got lucky enough to go? Tom ignored him and we all followed his instructions to place our bags on the back seats and sit anywhere. I sat down in a window seat, nothing special. My gaze drifted to the huge black cloud that was hanging ominously over the city. I sure hoped that'd clear off after we left the city.

I felt the presence of someone next to me. I turned around just in time to see Tom slouch down in his chair, earphones in. 'Whatcha listening to?' I asked innocently. He shrugged. 'Rock stuff.' I nodded. 'I like Rock music to.' I put in, turning back around. 'Who's your faveourite band?' I asked. He sat up and pulled a small notebook out of his pocket, he passed it to me. It read 'Muse: All you need to know.' I nodded and passed it back. 'Yours?' He asked. (Normally, I wasn't this moody, but I hated storm clouds.) 'Green Day, Three Days Grace, and all that jazz.' I muttered. He grunted. 'Not the happiest of souls today?' He contradicted. I poked my tounge out.

The bus flew through the city without any stopping. It took us exactly 10 minutes to be out of the city (Yeah, i'm awesome at keepng track of time) and we were on the dusty road for once. The country side made me feel peacefull, but that one black cloud still loomed over the hills. It was beggining to worry me. Would it be raining when we got to this place? 'We're here.' Came the voice of the driver. 'To the left' We all turned our gaze, mouths falling in sync. This place was blood red, the buildings city like, the place you might find a drug raid. There was a huge black cloud over the place, and what once might have been a beautifull plaza was crumbling to pieces. We all shook our heads. Surely this was a mistake?

The End

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