Holding Temper

Victoria, Jake, Daniella and Tom plan to do anything, absolutely anything, to get them away from high school. They strike gold when they find a cheap deal to go to a countryside heaven for three weeks. But unknown to them, is that gold is for fools, that heaven is about to become hell, and they're rashness might kill them. They find a broken Innkeeper girl who tells them the secret behind this terrible place. Victoria knows its best for her to leave, but she find herself drawn to the strange bui

Chapter 1

Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok. Just five minutes to go until my great escape to the countryside. I smiled at Tom sitting next to me. He was tapping his pencil like mad, his brown eyes revealing the fact he knew he’d failed todays French test. Tom Guldihan was the class hearthrob. He was smart, good looking, cool, and a great climber and runner. When it came to French, he sucked -Big time. He had black hair that covered his eyes, and brown eyes that always seemed slightly panicked. I’d known him since the first day of high school, when Daniella and Jake had introduced me to him. Even though he was the hearthrob, he dismissed fans with a sigh. His farther worked in the bank, but his mother had a much more important job. Grinedline Guldihan worked in the school, and she was the headmisstress. She had a temper that could snap at the drop of a hat, and black hair tied up in a small bun. I still didn’t understand how she’d raised Tom, Johny, Ella and Jack without any of them being dead. Tom was the eldest, and definat most responsible. The triplets, Johny, Ella and Jack, we’re the schools troublemakers. They were in year 7, so everyone just brushed them off with a sweep of their arms. Being sixteen was good, you we’re noticed.

I turned my gaze to my best friend. Daniella was taking her usual end of test nap, so I poked her in the back. Daniella and me had been friends since Nursery. She was extremely fiery and bold, with a strong imagination. She had fiery red hair that matched her personality, and hazel eyes that we’re often shining with some mad idea. Daniella Wilkinson was the class queen, for sure. She was great at sports, and was the best singer in the class. She had been born in London, and raised in London. Daniel turned to me, glaring. Her most recent idea had been to plan a getaway for a holiday. She’d found something real cheap, a nice countryside retreat, nothing big. I scratced my neck as she turned away.

 Finnaly I turned to Jake. Jake and me had been friends since he moved to my primary school in year 4. He had blonde hair with brown at the top, and had very light blue eyes. Jake Jones, the class idiot. Not because he was dumb, simply because he wasn’t from London, and because he messed up a lot. He wasn’t as smart as Tom, but not as dumb as the real class idiot, Ewan St.Claire. He was amazing at english and logic, and had a knack for spotting a con. He was terrible at Maths and didn’t overly like sports, but he was a normal student.

 I almost peed myself as the bell rang and everyone got up. I wondered what Danielle’s ‘speical extra surprise!’ was. I turned to see her walking towards me, the usual glint in her eye. Tom and Jake followed. Jake smiling and Tom frowing slightly. “Guess what?” She smiled, taking my hands. I blinked. “Uh, we’re not going to Quinelott, but we’re off to L.A?” I said sarcasticly. She rolled her eyes and grunted. “Nope, even better! Tom and Jake are coming!” She exploded, spinning me around in a circle. I stepped away and grunted. It would have been a lot better if it was just me and Danielle. I looked up as Tom whispered into my ear. “She begged me! Any bets on the fact she likes me?” I gave him a hard hit on the back. “Whatever.” I grunted.

The End

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