Hold Me Close, Hold My Heart Closer...Mature

In 2007, Georgie had a one night stand in a small Village she was passing by in. It meant nothing, yet even in 2011 she can't help but think back to the strange Jack Davies.
Finally, she manages to pluck up the courage to re-visit the place where she met him. But nothing could prepare her for what she finds there.

Georgie looked around the quiet pub and then sat down at one of the last tables. She felt slightly uncomfortable and out of place being the only female in there. Taking a second glance, she realised that she was most likely the only one under thirty as well. 

The place had a lingering smell of beer, but what did she expect? It was a pub after all. She could tell the majority of the men in here were locals as there were a lot of beer belly's hanging over disappearing belts. The carpet had cigarettes and other unidentifiable objects moulded into it and there was a thick layer of dust on the window beside her. 

However, it was better than being in her musty room back at the hotel, where the constant noise from the couple next door was driving her crazy. This place seemed to be the only place open. It wasn't the most exciting village she'd been too.

She was on her way to her sister's house who lived around ten hours away and she didn't like driving when it got dark. She had stopped off at the first place she'd come across and booked herself in for the night. 

A blast of cold air whipped her face, as the door opened and three men walked in. They already seemed partly drunk, but at least they were young unlike the rest of the customers. She watched them make their way to the bar and then returned her attention back to her drink. 

She cursed her sister for ringing so late. It had been around midday when Cory had rang, demanding her to come down straight away. She hadn't seen her in years, due to the distance between them. They spent most of their time communicating through email or over the phone and Cory had argued it just wasn't the same. She needed to tell her something big and she wouldn't do it over the phone. Two hours later, Georgie had booked a week off work and was on her way.

"Hey, I wouldn't be sat there if I was you." 

Looking up, she was faced with one of the young men that had just walked in. His tall body loomed over her, and he grinned from behind his rough stubble, dimples etched onto his cheeks . 

"And why's that?" She asked, raising her eyebrow. He took her question as an invite to sit down and he placed his pint onto the table.

"Because you're giving Old Paul over there something to goggle at. Actually, this table is probably the one table in this place where every man at here can happily stare at you." 

She blushed. Looking round, she noticed that a few of the men were glancing her way. Some even had the nerve to carry on staring even after she looked their way. 

"Unfortunately, there's not another table to move to." she replied, itching to get out of there. 

"You could sit with us over there. We wouldn't mind. I'm always happy to help." He said, with a wink. She laughed, and shook her head.

"Ah, I see. This is some sort of chat up line?  Thank you, but no thanks. I'm happy here." 

He laughed at her, and smirked. 

"Fine. I guess that leaves me just one option then." 

She tilted her head, "What's that then?" 

He picked up his pint, taking a sip without removing his eye contact with her. He placed it back on the table with a bang and lent forward;

"I guess I'll just have to stay here then to protect you." He smiled at her, and she couldn't help but laugh at how forward he was. 

"What makes you think I can't protect myself?" she said, raising an eyebrow. The side of her mouth twitched, a smile trying to escape. 

"I'm sure you can, miss. But how about, I be back up?" 

She laughed and shook her head. He was persistent, she had to admit. 

"What make's you assume I'm not already sat with someone?" She asked, raising her eyebrow again. 

"Are you?" 



She grinned at him. Looking over at the table he had come from she saw his two friends wave. Then they looked away and carried on with their conversation. 

"Matt's the blonde one, and James is the one with curly hair." the man sat with her said, as he noticed who she was staring at. 

"And you are?" She asked, taking a sip of her drink. 

"Jack. Jack Davies. Nice to meet you ...?" 


"Well then, nice to meet you Georgie. I'm guessing you're new here?" 

She nodded. "Just passing in fact. I'm visiting my sister, but I don't drive in the dark."

"And why's that?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I just don't. I prefer to see where I'm going." 

She blushed as his booming laughter filled the pub. When he didn't stop, she began to get irritated. 

"Hey. It's not that uncommon! A lot of people don't like to drive in the dark." She told him, defensively. He held his hands up in mock mercy.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry." He shook his head, and sat back. "It's just surprising to see someone your age afraid of the dark." 

"I'm not afraid!" 

He winked cheekily. "Sure you're not." 

"Why are you even sat here?" She asked him, aware her voice sounded a little frosty. "I came out to drink alone." 

"Would you like me to leave?" He asked, sitting up straight.


"I don't believe you." He lifted the corner of his mouth up.

"Well you should." She sounded like a child. 

"If I leave now, you'll be sat here staring at me for the rest of the night thinking about me. I'd hate that, so I'd rather sit here where I can watch you back." 

She shook her head. "Has anyone ever told you that you're quite full of yourself?" He laughed at her again.

"Occasionally." He finished the last of his pint, and then nodded towards hers. 

"Would you like another? My treat." He stood up, and made his way to the bar before waiting for a reply.

She looked at her almost finished drink, and thought why not? It had been a while since she had been bought a drink. And she had to admit, Jack was rather attractive. It was clear he wasn't going to leave her alone, so she might as well play along. 

Yes, there was no point in saying no to a free drink. Right? 


The End

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