I walk down the street to my house, taking one last glance at my old primary school as I go. I will be starting High School after the holidays at last.

Once in George Street, I walk about half way down the houses before entering one which looks just like the others on the outside but, on the inside, it is a lot Fischer than the others due to my fathers celebrity chef job. 

As I close the door behind me, I look to my right where my mother, a nursery school teacher, is writing up her weekly reports. In the kitchen, my father is making tea.

Three loud, unexpected bangs on the door causes me to jump before turning on my heel to open it again. 

Only my mothers constant grinding and scolding prevented my mouth from dropping open at the sight before me. 

Behind the door stood a man. No, I corrected myself, a giant. A large, beefy scary looking giant. 

"Hi! This 'ere I take it is Shirley Whitcome?" The giant asks, his mouth twisting into a smile. 

"Yes." I answer in a small voice, turning to see my mum and dad standing behind me.

"And Mr and Mrs Whitcome, lovely to meet ye" the giant adds. "Oh! I almost forgot!" He then says, reaching into a pocket and taking out a large white envelope and handing it to me.

"Here ye go. Your acceptance letter tae 'Ogwarts." He says, stepping into the house. 

"Excuse me!" My father immediately steps forward, confronting the giant of a man.

"No need tae worry yersel' Mr. 'Ogwarts is the best place for this 'ere young witch." 

"Whitch?" I ask, looking up from where I had succesfully managed to break the wax seal of the letter. 

"Oh!" I done this the wrong way 'round again. My apologies, lets star' again." The giant says, grinning sheepishly. 

The End

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