From the top of the stairs I heard my sister's voice. She was speaking to someone at the door.

"No, Felicity is my sister. Did you want to speak to her?"

No. No. No. I practically wanted to scream at her. Mum said we weren't allowed to open the door to strangers. But of course, Florence always did do what she wanted.

"Fliss!" I heard her call. Then footsteps, the sound of the front door shutting. They were inside. "Fliss?"

I glared at her through the banisters. She grinned back and shrugged.

"You know we're not supposed to let strangers in the house!" I hissed at her. "What will Mum say when she gets back?"

Florence shrugged again, put her hand through the bannister and tugged at my sleeve. "I don't think we should keep him waiting."

I reluctantly followed her into the living room where a giant of a man was sat. The couch groaned as he shifted his weight. I couldn't stop myself from staring. From behind the mass of shaggy hair I saw my surprise mirrored in his beady black eyes.

"Twins?" He said in a booming voice. "Identical."

Florence looked confused, but she nodded anyway.

"Oh." I wasn't sure because his beard was so thick, but I could have sworn his mouth had twisted into a frown. His loud tone seemed to ripple with an edge of sadness. "I've done this with siblings before and that's hard. But never twins. And you must be Felicity Emerson?"

He held out a massive hand in my direction. I just stared at it. Dumbstruck.

"Sorry," said Florence, nudging me. "She's shy."

I took his hand and he shook it gently. "That's okay, little 'un. I'm Hagrid, the grounds keeper for Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry."

"What?" exclaimed my sister.

"You're a witch, Felicity."

The End

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