Harry potter fan fiction. (I do not own any of JK Rowlings characters, spells or settings)
Four new students enter Hogwarts along with the famous James Sirius Potter. But along with there first year, comes and old enemy out for revenge. Will the four friends help defeat this enemy or is education more important?

At last my time has come. After years of working in the ministry, my one purpose can be fulfilled. 

Sitting in a small, wooden boat crossing the eerily calm, dark sea towards the prison Azkaban, I turn my head, looking at the lone prisoner I had been charged with. 

She was young. Looked to be in her early twenties with what must have once been pretty blonde hair on top of a thn, mean looking face. She was shaking, wether from the chilly air or fear of the prison wardens, I could not, and did not care to, tell.

I turn my attention forward again, watching the slowly advancing black building in the middle of the never ending sea.

Eventually, after what must have been an hour, we arrive at the building.

I got up and out of the boat, waving my wand at the female as I do causing her to lift out of the boat as if by strings.

Ten minutes of walking through the cold, never ending cells, I find the womans' and put her in, releasing the bonding spell as I do.

The prisoner sorted with, I find a set of stairs and head up. Twelve floors, two twists, one wrong turn and hundreds of cells later, I find the one I am looking for.

Bartemius Crouch Junior.

His body lying on the floor of his cell, empty and lifeless. 

"Alohamora" the whispered spell opens the lock, allowing me easy access. 

I move over to the body, impossibly thin and pale, before lifting my wand and placing it just above his heart. 

"animae reditum" I say allowed and watch as a silvery globe appears from the tip of my wand, floats over Bartys chest and into his slightly parted lips. 

One quick, almost immediate gasp of air from Barty proves to me the spell worked. 

"Avenge the Dark Lord," I inform him, dropping a wand at his feet as I get up, leaving the cell and working my way back out of Azkaban just as the Dementors begin to return.

My job done, I sit in the boat and head out, a smirk firmly implanted onto my face. 

The End

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