Adelyn Lions

Hogwarts in modern times!

Number 2 Riders Road, the home of the Lions family. The only pure-blood family that lived down the small road in West Berkshire. Mr and Mrs Lions owned a three-storey, detached house that stood out from all the rest. There was a large black gate, enclosing the home. An array of hideous looking gargoyles and a broken weather vane that creaked loudly. But although the house was scary on the outside, inside was a whole different story. 
Tristan and Merina Lions lived a happy life with their three children. Adelyn, 11, Aurelio , 7, and Athena, 5. 
The Lions are not a common family, they don't go on family outings to the zoo or to museums. No, they would take happy trips out to watch Quidditch or maybe to Diagon Alley, whatever tickled their fancy on the day. The Lions were of magical blood, so when a child reached the age of eleven, they would be sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, if they received a letter of acceptance.
Adelyn had been boasting to her younger brother that she would be going to Hogwarts, her mother and father never approved. Adelyn was a lovely girl, she had bright red hair that just touched her shoulders. She had dark brown eyes with a hint of green and large dimples that stood out every time she smiled. But Adelyn was different, she was a Metamorphmagi. She had the magical capability to change her physical appearance. She often changed her appearance whenever a sudden surge of emotion ran through her, she found it very difficult to fit in. 

The summer holidays had just started and there were many children running around in the parks and fields. Not Adelyn, she was patiently waiting for a certain letter to arrive.

After days and days of agonizing suspense, a cream coloured letter with a dark red stamp enclosing it, slipped through the letterbox. 'Mum! I got my letter! Look! Its got the Hogwarts crest on it and everything!' Adelyn snatched the letter from the mixture of bills and telegrams and giggled with glee.

The End

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