Shirts Rock!

When they woke, the sun was already bright against the morning sky.  Hobie went to a spot to the right of the front window where he could look out into the left side of the yard and forest edge with little risk of being noticed from outside.  The view seemed clear of wolves.  He then moved to the back of the room, and to the left side of the window to survey the right side of the yard;  Clear, just as the other side.

Molly went to the bedroom and dragged out the shirts that she had examined the night before.  The others looked at her quizzically.  She put her left front hoof into the left sleeve, and invited someone to help her pull it up.  Sam approached her, grabbed the shirt by the collar, and pulled the sleeve the rest of the way up her foreleg.  Then, he helped with the right sleeve, and straightened the shirt across Molly’s back. They all understood.  Hobie helped Ben and Sam each don a shirt, and they, in turn helped him with his green shirt.

Even after several days here, they still didn’t have much taste for oatmeal, so their breakfast was waiting for them in the yard.  Ben pushed the bar to the right, and it slid away from the door.  The oddly attired sheep walked out onto the porch, and Hobie pulled the door closed to deter unwanted guests.  Then the four strode confidently into the yard ready to partake of its bounty.

They hadn’t really become comfortably warm all night, so the morning sun felt good.  They grazed, and relaxed in the yard as though they had been here all their lives.  Once their hunger was mostly satisfied, they decided that some cool water would taste good, so down the path to the creek they went single file;  No sign of wolves.

The creek looked just as icy cold as yesterday, and if they hadn’t been thirsty, they would have beat a hasty retreat back to the warm, sunny yard.  After a cool drink, they were satisfied that the creek was their benefactor, so long as they stayed out of the water.  Once satisfied with drink, they headed back for the cabin.

The group grazed for a while, and then decided to relax in the grass.  Before long, the warmth had coaxed them to varying stages between sleep and wakefulness.  The half sleep was pleasant, not easily abandoned, until later in the day as the sun started to dip back to the treetops.  Sam opened his eyes first, and saw what first appeared as dark shapes hovering above Hobie and Molly.  As consciousness fully returned, he realized that wolves were sniffing around his companions.  Sam froze.  The others, one by one awoke, and saw their visitors.  They had planned to test their theory about the garments they were wearing, but not quite like this, but on their feet and from a safer distance.

The wolves appeared interested, but puzzled.  They knew well the scent of sheep, but they also knew the appearance of humans.  After surveying the strange creatures in the grass, they decided to go in search of familiar prey.  They disappeared into the woods.

Sam, Ben, Hobie and Molly breathed what seemed the first breath of the day.  They rose as calmly as they could, climbed the front steps, and entered the cabin, latching the door behind them.

The End

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