They were all cold and tired, and ready for dark so they could rest.  Hobie hoped that he only dreamed of butterflies and lots of bright sun, cool water and green grass.  They each picked a spot, reclined and closed their eyes.  Hobie fell asleep first, then Ben, then Sam. 

In the dim light Molly lay awake thinking, as she had been all afternoon about what she had seen that day.  Hobie had crossed the yard in broad daylight, right in front of the wolves, and they hadn’t noticed.  They had just sniffed around the yard as though they had picked up an interesting scent, but they never spotted their prey.  Why?

It must have something to do with the human inhabitant of this cabin.  Molly got up, looked around the front room, and then went into the bedroom.  On the wall adjoining the front room, opposite the bed stood a large chifferobe.  Molly tugged at a knob and saw a rod holding a number of flannel shirts on hangers.  She had seen such coverings on the shepherds and had never given them much thought, but they must have been something the humans used to cover themselves since they lacked the warm coats that the sheep had.  She pulled several off the hangers and examined them.  They were about the same size as Hobie’s green shirt.  There was a blue one, a red one, and a green and black plaid one.   Was Hobie's shirt the reason that the wolves missed him?

A chill, from the cold, but at the same time one of excitement went down Molly's spine.  Maybe they would be able to observe, even follow the wolves with some degree of security.  Maybe they could find Hobie's coat!

Molly returned to the front room, climbed back onto the couch, and closed her eyes. 

All four slept well that night.

The End

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