Fort Hobie

The wolves snarled and scratched at the door until well after dark. 

The sheep were, in this larger space, able to spread out and rest more comfortably than they had in the shed.  Although it was darker in the cabin than outside in the moonlight, they knew that the wolves could see well with little light, so they still stayed clear of the windows.  A rug between the door and the table provided a comfortable bed for Ben and Sam, and Molly climbed onto a couch that sat against the front wall, between the door and one of the windows.  Hobie, just glad to be inside, laid on the wooden floor.  He slept the best he had since he had sneaked under the wall back at the farm.  He dreamed of green grass, dandelions, and butterflies.

Around midnight, the wolves lost interest in the house and decided to look for prey elsewhere.  Unseen by the sheep, they filed back down the path back to the trail and were, for the time being gone.  Hobie woke briefly and felt, in the silence that he and his friends had been left alone for the night.  He closed his eyes, and returned to chasing brightly colored insects.  Sam, Ben and Molly rested comfortably and without interruption.

When morning light began to break through the windows, they awoke one by one, refreshed and relieved.  Hobie told them that he thought the wolves had left.  Two to a window, they scanned the yard, and saw no wolves.  They went closer to the windows to get a broader view, and still, no wolves.  They decided to become better acquainted with the cabin before venturing back outdoors.

A pantry held generous provisions... for a human.  The only item that held any small interest for them was a sack of oatmeal.  They were fond of oats, but this refinement was less inviting than their customary fare.  It would help them survive if they were stuck in here for long.

There were a couple of small rooms in the back of the cabin, behind the fireplace.  One contained a bed, and the other, a desk.  Remembering how they had slept the past couple of nights, they saw the usefulness of the bed, but weren't sure about the desk.  The room with the desk also had a door to the outside.  It was securely locked.

They went back to the front door, cracked it open, and upon spotting no wolves, they went back out and resumed grazing.

The End

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