Fortunately for Hobie and his group, they were able to get in and bar the door before the carnivores could make it across the yard.  Six wolves had seen them go through the door, and had climbed onto the porch in pursuit.  They could still smell the sheep, but weren't sure how to get to them.  They were accustomed to attacking their prey in the open, frightening them, running them down and inflicting debilitating injury that would then enable the kill.  Four walls and a door were not the defense they usually faced.

Hobie, Ben, Sam and Molly huddled on the floor in front of the door while the wolves snarled and sniffed outside and scratched at the door.  After a bit, Hobie ventured away from the door enough so as to get a glancing view of a window.  He could see a couple of wolves looking at the window, but they didn't see him.  They were whining, apparently puzzled.  From his vantage point, in the dim light of the cabin, Hobie could see them, but all the wolves could see in the window was their own reflection. 

Hobie got his friends to join him, and after watching the wolves for a few minutes Molly had an idea.  It was clear to her that the wolves didn't see them.  There were four windows in the cabin, two in the front, and one on each side.  So long as it was daylight, they could each watch a window from a position in the room where they were unlikely to be seen by the wolves.  If one of them saw the wolves move away from a window, they could move to a point in the room from which they could get a broader view outside.  In at least a limited fashion, they could observe the movements of the wolves, at least so long as they were in the yard.  If the wolves left the yard, and were gone for a while, then perhaps it would be safe to venture out, graze and drink during the day.  At night, they would stay in the house, away from the windows.

Hobie was relieved that they were, for now safe.  They were satisfied with the grass and herbs they had eaten, and with the water they had lapped up.

But he was disappointed.  None of these wolves had his coat!

The End

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