Settling in

Once they had sized up their situation, the empty house, the human dwelling with wolf tracks inside, they felt their hunger.  They hadn't eaten since the morning before, and their bellies were complaining.  Hobie went back to the door first, and looked out at the copious grass.  He wagged his head at the others and continued outside.  The greenery was lush and soaked with dew.  There were grass, clover, dandelions, and plenty of phorbs.  The others followed, and they all ate as though they had never tasted the like.  Hobie, after a couple of days without his coat finally realized how naked he felt.  He noticed on the clothesline a shirt of heavy green flannel.  He approached the line, and tugged at the shirt with his teeth.  The shirt pulled loose from the wire, and fell in the grass.  His friends looked on, puzzled.  

Hobie pinched the shirt between his teeth and flung it awkwardly over his shoulders.  The collar hung to the right of his body, and the shirt tail hung near the ground to his left.  It didn't cover much.  Molly and Sam understood.  They approached him, took the shirt in their teeth, and offered Hobie entry to the left sleeve.  They threw the shirt over his shoulders, and then held the right sleeve for him.  With a foreleg in each sleeve, Hobie had covering for most of his bare skin.  The only things about him that appeared sheep like were his head and stubby tail.  They all, including Hobie snickered at the thought of a green sheep.

Although the grass was wet, they were still thirsty.  They decided to go to the creek for some water.  But first, in the interest of avoiding surprises upon their return, they closed the doors to the cabin and the tool shed.  They couldn't lock them, but if anything other than a human entered while they were away, they would know.

The creek was separated from the trail by a narrow, but shielding strip of trees and brush.  The path from the cabin continued to the stream bank where they drank their fill.  Once satisfied, they made their way back to the cabin to graze for awhile more, and relax in the sunlight.

They had found a place where they could plan and launch their search in earnest.

The End

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