Base Camp

Molly was the first to wake, then Ben, then Sam.  Hobie hadn't had as good a night.  His friends didn't know why, but the let him sleep.  None of them thought it wise to crack the door.  They could tell, looking through a knothole in the left wall that it was barely dawn.  They looked at each other then laid back down and waited for Hobie to stir.

Finally, as sunlight began to stream through the knothole, Hobie woke, stretched, and told his friends about their visitor.  They were glad the had waited.  As they were all now awake, they felt somewhat more courageous, and decided to take a peek out the door.  Hobie worked the stake free from the handle, and nudged the door slowly open.  Just outside, they saw that a sizable depression had been clawed out in front of the door, and that it extended a foot or so under the building.  They all picked up the scent.  Ben and Molly wanted to vacate their new found digs entirely;  Look for some other place.  Hobie argued that along this trail, no place was likely to be out of the path of the carnivores.  This place at least offered shelter.  It was, or had been inhabited by humans, humans who knew how to shelter from wolves.

The small posse, after some consideration decided to venture out.  They looked around and found that everything looked as it had the day before.  Most importantly, the door to the cabin stood open in just the same position as when they arrived.  On the other side of the yard was the clothesline holding the same few articles of clothing that hey had noticed yesterday.  Nothing appeared to have changed except the hole in front of the tool shed.  They approached the house, climbed the front steps, and looked inside.  There were dirty canine tracks through the door, and all around the living space.  A stone fireplace held ashes that were cool, but still fresh enough to appear only a few days old.  A small table had a couple of chairs.  One was pushed to the table, and the other sat away from it where someone had pushed it when they rose from a meal.  A bowl of cold porridge on the table was hardly touched, and obviously of no interest to the wolves.

They looked at one another and out at the lush grass surrounding the cabin.  It seemed clear that the human inhabitant had left in a hurry, and was not likely to return any time soon.

They had found their base.

The End

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