After they were all in the tool shed, Ben pulled the door too with his right hoof, found a long stake, and with his mouth wedged it through the handle and against the doorjamb.  The day had been a long one with a lot of ground covered, and a generous share of worry.   The shed had a wooden floor that would at least provide some insulation from the ground, but it was hard.  They arranged themselves as comfortably as possible in the space unoccupied by tools, conversed for a bit about their day, then one by one fell asleep.

Sometime after midnight, Hobie was awakened by the sound of scratching in the dirt outside.  He didn't budge from his spot on the floor, didn't wake the others, but his ears twitched around toward the door to pick up every speck of the sound.  The sounds of rapid breathing, and a slurping tongue along with the canine scent reached his senses next.  He lay perfectly still, and was now very grateful for the hard wooden floor between them and the digging carnivore outside.  He wondered if it was wearing his coat, if it was getting it dirty.

The digging continued far longer than Hobie liked, but finally stopped.  He heard a low growl spoken more in annoyance than in threat, and then the sounds stopped.  A Barn Owl just past the edge of the woods let out a discomfiting screech from his high perch.  After another hour or so, Hobie overtook sleep.  Molly, Sam and Ben all slept through the unwanted visit. 

The morning arrived much too early,

The End

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