Hobie recalled his night by the hot spring and felt a shudder of urgency.  He didn't want to overly frighten his companions, but he knew that this trail, or any place close by would not be safe at night.  Death was afoot.

A little ways beyond the boulder field Sam noticed some trampled brush leading uphill from the path.  They took a moment to discuss it, and then decided to investigate.  The track led straight up slope for a bit, and then bent slightly right, and then back up the hill.  the switch was just long enough that view from the main trail was blocked.  That made the place seem somewhat more protected.  They all started breathing a little easier, even though they were climbing.

When they had gone about another hundred feet they saw the reason for the track.  Against the side of the hill was a monolithic rock face.  About five feet above the ground, the rock ended, and provided an overhang that would protect them from the weather.  They slowly entered the space under the rock, and looked around.  As their eyes adjusted to the dark, they realized that this was not much better than the boulder field.  There was no foul smell here to be sure, and predators couldn't attack from both front and back, but they could surely get the sheep hemmed up so that they had no place to go.

But what made up their minds for them was the abundance of spiders and centipedes.  They could walk around and manage to avoid them, but they all imagined the tiny arachnids setting up vacation homes in their ears, and all but Hobie thought of them infesting their wool.

The party made their second quick retreat of the day.

They were all glad to get back to the main trail, and they knew now that they must find shelter soon.

The End

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