Once the morning Sun was high enough to filter through the forest canopy and light up the trees and brush, the four were much more comfortable and confident in their steps.  They began to move along more quickly, and to converse.  Hobie told them about the cold stream and the butterfly and how he wished he could fly.  They all chuckled, Baaa Baaa at their friend's imagination.

When they reached the third clearing away from the stream, Hobie showed them the little path and told them about the hot spring.  Sam wanted to see it and there was brief discussion about making a short side trip.  They all agreed that Hobie's coat was more important and that exploration could wait for another day.  They trotted on, and before long, they were by the stream.  They were all hungry and thirsty.  They had missed their sheep pellets earlier, and there had been no water save for the early morning dew and the few cupped leaves that held a little water.  They munched grass and clover, and lapped water from the creek.  Molly commented how much more tasty it all was than the fare back home.

Hobie broke away from the others and ambled over to the spot where his coat had been stolen.  After two days, the tracks were still there, but had degraded noticeably.  He summoned his friends and showed them what he had spotted earlier.  Together, they moved down the little path looking for more tracks.  There had been some traffic, and not far down the trail the tracks vanished.  However, the scent was still present.  It was faint, but there.  They followed it. 

The End

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