When the flock returned to the pen, and after nightfall, Hobie showed his friends how he had left the day before.  While they agreed that haste was crucial in their search for the coat, they also all agreed that it would be too risky to leave in the dark, especially with wolves about.  They would crawl under the wall in the early morning just before the sky began to lighten. They took turns waiting for signs of dawn, first Molly, then Sam, then Ben, and finally Hobie. 

Hobie heard a Bobolink, and then a Wren out in the pasture announce the approach of day; Then a Sparrow added her voice.  Their songs warmed Hobie with a sense that tranquillity and goodness could be abroad in the world this day.  Then he remembered the wolf tracks.  He woke his friends and led the way to the gap under the wall.  Because Hobie's coat was the focus of this adventure, Hobie went first, then Sam, Molly, and Ben.  As the last sheep pulled himself free of the wall, a rooster crowed, and the four heard their cousins begin to stir in the pen.  They made their way quietly, and with no conversation toward the trail, Hobie in the lead.

The morning air was crisp, and not too damp.  They walked on a small, dusty path that lead towards the forest.  Dew was heavy on the grass to each side of the path.  Birdsongs quickly increased in variety and beauty as the deep blue of the early morning sky gave way to light blue.  Shades of orange, then pink fringed the tree tops on the far side of the pasture.   The little group reached the trail into the woods just before the Sun breached the horizon.  Although the morning sky had taken on the color of a Robin's egg, Night was still upon the trail.

The End

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