Chapter 3

The smell of coffee and bacon cut through Rachel's half  dreams more effectively than any alarm.  Unlike at home, she didn't indulge herself with a few more minutes in bed, but slide to the floor only moments after awaking.  Rubbing the sand out of her eyes, she shuffled down the hallway. 

"Morning," Uncle Travis chirped.  Still in his PJ's, his dark hair was trousled, but his eyes were bright. 

Rachel yawned, then slumped in a chair.   The origenal, and massive, cookary wasn't in this wing, but someone had converted one of the rooms to a modern kitchen.  It was definately more convient than walking all the way to the east wing, and cheaper than hireing a cook.

Uncle Travis tiped an egg onto the plate, and handed it to Rachel.  Bacon and egg sandwitchs for them both.  She took a sip of what she assumed was chocolate milk, and shivered in delight.  Coffee and chocolate and carmel and milk all in one happy mixture. 

Her uncle flashed a crooked grin.  "Is the beast of a morning apleased?" he asked.

Rachel smiled back. "The beast is satisfied.  For now," she said.

"Good," he said.  "Cause dragons generaly don't  take to beasts, and we can't scare off the Ice Serpent before we  even see him."

Rachel choked on her bacon and eggs.  "We're looking for the Ice Serpent?!  Today?!"

The End

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