Chapter 2

Snow swirled on a slight breeze, around pillars of ice and outcrops of stone.  The boy looked down from his perch at the town of Hoarfrost.  Light shone from lamps and windows,  tempting and mocking.  He was exiled to a world of dark and cold.  Light was not a luxary allowed him.

Wind carried a new voice to him.  He turned his gaze to the right and searched for it's owner.   A girl with long dark curls murmered again,  and a more familar person spat crossily.  The man continued, more tired than angry, and they stepped inside. 

The wind tugged at Ryuu again, whispering of intersting comings.  He didn't need it to tell him that.  If a Rose had returned to the wilderness, something was definately afoot. 

Ryuu rose, far more gracefully than any human could.  Snow stired around him, settling invisably on his ivory skin and rose hued hair.  He swiftly faded into the cold white night, like the ghost or snow spirits he prayed he was not.    

  The faintest impressions on the snow quickly vanished under ice and wind. 

The End

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