chapter 5

Travis Ross snapped at a boy trying to shove snow down one of his more timid peer's jacket.  The rather arrogent looking teen smirked and rolled his eyes--until he caught his chaparone's glare.  Then he went as white as the slush in his hands. 

Satisfied that the other boy was safe from emidieate frostbite, Travis cast his gaze around for his neice.  He didn't exspect her to find the Ice Serpent, but he was a monkey's uncle if she wasn't trying.  Ice slide through his veins when he didn't see her quitely scanning the skies for the glint of sun on scales. 

A whispered word in Gabe's ear and he was gone.

He'd already lost his brother.

He wouldn't let an army of Shigammi and killer unicorns keep him from his neice.

The End

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