Hoarfrost's Redemption

Rachel came to her family's hometown in hopes of finding dragon fanatics like herself. What she gets is curse so dark, it's haunted the Dragon Rose clan for generations.
Be careful what you wish for...it might not be as innocent as you think.

"Local folklore says the Ice Serpent lives in those mountains," Uncle Travis said.

Rachel stared at the sparkling white peaks, stark against the black velvet night.   She had already seen blue-white wings stirring the air and snow brought by Mount Hoarfrost's incessant, unbroken winter.  Ever since she'd heard of her ancestreal home it had haunted her dreams.

"Traditionally, someone from Frosthaven goes up there looking for him every fall.  Some  of the eighth graders vonunteered this year." he continued.  "Gabe Snowhawk and Vale Harris are chaperoning."

Rachel's heart pounded.  It had to be to good to be true, but..."You swear you ain't yankin' my chain?" she asked.  "On my honor as a Draco Rose," he swore.  Rachel squinted at him suspisiously, but could see no reason for him to lie. 

Even the worst of the Rose family did not lie about dragons.

Uncle Travis cut the engine with autoble relief.  Everyone knew he had some sort of mutated ADD, and couldn't do much of anything for long without starting to daydream.  That was why he wrote books. 

"I can't believe Dad gave this up," Rachel murmured, starring at the delicate scales carved on the stair railing.  Everything was intricate as a music box, and they weren't even inside the house. 

Uncle Travis huffed.  "It was relative to the Rose family.  That in itself makes him avoid it like the Black Plague. "

Rachel mentally cringed. Uncle Travis despised his elder brother for leaving, for turning his back on his birthright, for disbelieving dragons.  Her father hated Uncle Travis because, well, he hated dragons.

"No use reliving ancient history," Uncle Travis said, blinking away memories.  "Unless," he smiled, "You're writeing about it, of course." 


The End

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