Sgt. Nicholas Breaks the News

I drive.  No matter what, I drive.  My partner is a menace, a child of Manhattan who grew up riding the subway.  She has a license but believe you me, my driving the squad car is a real public service to the citizens of New York. 

After stopping for a couple of coffees to go from the nearby Chock-Full-of-Nuts, we wheeled down and into the hidden parking lot beneath the Old 25th Precinct, not far from Macy's.  Lacey filled out the log and put the finishing touches on the case sheet... number 2008-25-12-22-55-093.  "Seven more, Gallagher and we've got or hundred for the month...bonus time!"

One flight of stairs and into headquarters.  As mandatory, a stop by the Desk Sargent for any messages, before hitting the lockers and getting a little shut-eye in the case of Lacey, a little drinking some Four Roses at Barney's Irish Tavern for me.  "Hey, Sarge, how's it going, Old Man." 

Sargent Basil Nicholas, this big-boned, big-shouldered, big-gutted, big-voiced Dutchman was nearing retirement and we were all fretting the day it would happen.  Old Sarge was an institution here at the Old 25th.  No one left from the time before Sgt. Nicholas was here.    Everyone loved big Basil except when he'd do what he was about to do to Lacey and me.  "You best not get comfy you two.  Looks like we got some whacko out there who is not in the Christmas spirit."

Lacey and I gave a harmonized, "Say what?"

"I ain't messing with you.  It just came in over the 911.  You ready?"

"Come on, what, old man?"

"Two elves just bought the farm over at Macy's.  And guess what ... Santa's missing?"

"Look, Sarge, we're tired and neither one of us is in the mood for any jokes about us trying to find Santa's killer."

"Lacey, Gallagher, I'm not jerking your chain," showing us the Central Intake Sheet, "see, two elves found dead in the break room at Macy's fourth floor and their Santa is not to be found."

I wasn't much for cussing, but Lacey spoke for me, "Mary, mother of Jesus, what in the you know what is going on?"

I snatched the sheet and Lacey took back the log for the cruiser, "Alright.  Macy's, here we come."


The End

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