His Answer

He shook off the grimey feel of the absurd plan.  He was an assassin yes, that didn't mean he didn't have morals.  He watched The BerryMan take her arm and lead her away.  What would FatCat do if he knew?.. He smiled, was nothing much FatCat could have done except maybe tell his sister.. for which he was sure FatCat would have lost his life..   This one would be on the house..

On the roof of a building across the street, he flipped open the throw away phone.  Through the scope he watched the two people lay wrapped in each others arms...  He dialed 911..

A soft breeze blew across his naked body, the distant sound of a siren brought back memories of the early evening. 

He almost gave it all up, almost allowed himself to feel, almost made the ultimate mistake.. for what?

He was what he was, pure, simple, uncomplicated, HitMan..


The End

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