His Backer

The Berry Man.  An (Inbetween), not quite a dire threat but, a threat all the same.  He had a few contacts, a few authorities in his pocket.

As he dug deeper, he found the connection, Berry Man was married to Fat Cats' sister.  What he needed to know though, what really interested him was, how deep did the river run. 

He was forming a plan, he knew it wasn't going to be easy, he calculated how many would come after him and just how much heat they could stand.    He stirred his drink, watching the amber liquid glow in the soft light. 

He sat in the booth, across and just behind her, she nursed her drink sipping every now and then.  The longer he watched her, the more he knew his plan had to be right, it had to be fool proof, if it failed, it would be detrimental to her and him.

There was another way, he could just ask.  The thought made him smile.  He imagined the look on Fat Cats' face.  However, maybe, just maybe, he could ask. 

The thought played along the fringes of his mind, it was building into a plausible idea, it had substance, it made sense to him.. He would think about it a little more, in the mean time, preparations were in order. 


The End

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