This is for my friend...

Music soothed the savage beast, breast, didn't matter, it soothed him. He stared at the papers scattered across the bed.  He touched the one of the face. 

It bothered him, that his mind became inquisitive with this one.  He had always kept himself clear of the emotions that overwhelmed others.   This made him fast, accurate and efficient.  He was known to complete a job, he was known to do his job well.

And that is what made him sought after.. That is what brought him the big money, he was also ethical, he worked by his own code, though it had never happened, if, if he were to fail, he would make amends.  This also put him on the list of the wannabes..

Two had tried.  He didn't believe in torture but, he made an exception for them.  He was a professional, he didn't go for thrill kills, that was a waste of time and effort.  As he told one victim, it was, just as it had been stated before, JUST BUSINESS..

He took his time, watching his target, there was no rush, this one had no limit.  He followed close enough to smell her perfume yet, she never knew.  Once, he'd touched her hair, she simply thought it was the breeze.  It occurred to him how beautiful she was and he began to calculate, how many he would have to kill, to keep her.

Questions:  Why did the client want her eliminated?  What had she done?  Would it be worth it?
Since time was on his side, he decided to dig a little deeper...

She stood naked in front of the mirror, he watched intently, she gave him something that only a good kill had for years.. an erection..

The End

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