History is Repeated: Old Fueds

It was getting to that time of the year again, where tensions were mounting between different religious groups and leaders, most commonly the Black Crusade and the Paladins of Light. While the order of Priesthood remain quietly hidden away within the huge mountains range of the land. Not many people would agree but even the Gods themselves could stop the two warring groups from declaring war after war between them. One god knew this for sure, it was Aries. God of War and Bloodshed normally Aries would be happy to lend a hand in any war but recently thanks to war against Athens and the Great Trojan War, Aries had grown exhausted by  the overly amount work which is required though war.

"Aries, you don't have to help this time" Small voice quietly whispered to him.

"Mmm, who speaks before me?" Aries replied

"Noble God of War, look down from where you are standing and see who I am who speaks before you"

Aries looked down and smiled. Enyo, Goddess of War she was like him a lot, which made him very happy because even though Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom and True Goddess of War, she fought only for defensive reasons.

"Nice to see you again Enyo" Aries smiled

"And you to Aries"

"How have you been?"

"Alright I can't complain"

Aries smiled again, hugged her closely. Enyo blushed slightly and hugged back just as tightly to Aries, she was smaller then him and thinner but equally as strong as him. Just like her...it was so strange that two were the like each but had some things were different. Aries was had a passion for fighting and adored wars even though yes, like Athena had his own Knights or "Saints" as they were called. Aries were the berserker knights, powerful huge warriors with the strength of ten mere Gold Knights of Athena's if you would believe that.

"Aries!" Another voice shouted from behind them, Aries turned around saw Erida, Goddess of Hate. Aries smiled overly brightly now, another one who was just like him, he finally found two girls who were like him and were not afraid of him.

"Erida, nice to see you too" Aries smiled as he replied

"Pff, you didn't show it when you failed to visit to me and Enyo the other week"

"Ah I am sorry, Nike was giving birth to my son"

"Aww Bless"

"Yeah, he isn't a god though. Hes a legendary monster known as Typhon, Father of all Monsters"

Silence. Typhoon was the baddest of bad, most scariest monster of all. Even though the first attempt of war between Athens and Sparta had been stopped there was a likely hood of another attempt about to happen because like it or not, Aries wanted a good old fight with his sister but until he got Themis to agree with him, it was out of the question.

"Aries, war..with Athens again?" Erida and Enyo both asked

"And, what of it?" Aries replied

"Why? You know you barely avoided the last one"

"I want WAR with Athens, so I knock it off the map and claim Dephi as my holy land, that Orcale is mine"

"But doesn't the City of Dephi and the Orcale belong to your brother Apollo"

"So? Apollo doesn't have an army unlike me"


"Fine, I shall go see Themis first and talk to Athena after"

"Thank You Aries"

The End

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