History is Repeated: Troyan Prince

Hector rode into Troy happily, his black steed stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd amongst the white houses, stags and fire mane horses. Hector looked around, saw Artemis chariot, Apollo chariot, Athena's chariot all lined up out his parents house. Hector was one of two who were not Olypmain Gods, so he had no idea what being a God was like, he jumped down from his horse and tied the beam outside the house and walked in slowly.


No answer but two loud squeels were heard



Athena and Artemis run in happily, huged their baby brother tightly. Hector smiled brightly and hugged them both back just as tight as they hugged him. Artemis had a baby girl on her back Daphane, Guardian of Forests and Compain of Pan.

"Artemis, Athena so glad to see you again"

"You've grown up.."

"Yes I have"

"Thanks baby sister"

"You have gotten so strong aswell" Athena added

"Thank you big sister"

High Priestess FireBlossom and Lord Knight Tony, their parents walked in and smied at the tree hugging. Tony smiled at his little Hector starting to grow up. Hector was amazingly and this often fouled his enemey.

"My son, you have grown up to be a handsome young man and still adorably cute after all these years"

"Thank You father"

"And beauitful turned out"

"Thank You dear mama"

Apollo and Aries ran in happily, Hector smiled at his much elder brothers. Apollo had only just saw Hector and after walking from Dephi to his chariot keep he rode all the way down to Troy in a matter of seconds. Aries shortly followed from Sparta, alongside him was four large war hounds with named, BloodFury, DreadNaught, BloodShed, BloodSent and their little of ninety nine puppies.  Azriel had already started he conquest of removing the bad and sinful memories of the world of mans minds. Hector looked around, saw Pairs running down. Hector sighed with discontent. Pairs was anyoing little brat who had started the war in first place by not returning the beauitful Helan to her husband back in Greece. High Priestess giggled at Hector reponce to Pairs with such joy and glandness.


The End

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