History is Repeated: A Brotherly Moment

Apollo smiled at Hector, placed the fire elbem helmet on Hector small head, it slipped over his eyes. Hector pushed the helmet gently up so he could see again, his little face light up. Apollo looked at Achilles next, walked over to him. Achilles looked up at the great god. Apollo smiled warmly, body a flare.

"A-Apollo..I am sorry. Do not smite me" Achilles whimpered

Apollo placed his hand on Achilles shoulder, as he kneeled to his eye level and smiled warmly.

"Dear Achilles, you are warrior and warlord amoung the greek warriors. Time and time again you showed yourself worthly in the face of the Gods. So for this I shall not smite you"

Apollo handed Achilles his sword, spear and shield back, gently tighten his armour and placed Achilles black helmet upon his head once again. Offered his hand to raise the noble Achilles back to his feet. Achilles stared up at the mightly Apollo, his little bright blue eyes glowing and shinning in the mid day light.  Achilles carefully took Apollo's hand, Apollo pulled the young Achilles up onto his feet.

"Wow..Apollo your so handsome like the Orcales predicted you would be" Achilles priased the mightg god.

"No, just a simple God with simple pleasures and desires. Go home to your parents, then go home to your wife and children, tell them the might of apollo will skip them"

Achilles nodded, walked over to Hector. Hector was smiling brightly and very proud of himself right now, Apollo patted their heads and shot off into the sky like a bat out of hell. His body a bright flare in the sky, people cheered on sight of him. He approached the city of Dephi.

"Apollo! Apollo!" They cheered in glee of their chosen deity.

Apollo smiled brightly, landed into his temple a huge flare of light was seen for miles away.

Meanwhile, over the lush green fields of Dor'hah riding towards the beauitful kingdom of Troy where his parents were.

The End

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