History is Repeated: Apollo Fury

Apollo pulled himself up out of the dirt, Hector prepared himself before the big fight with his much elder and godly brother. Apollo prepared his arrows and aiming it carefully shots Hector sword out of his at that moment. Hector fell down in suprize, Apollo loaded his bow again and with another sharp arrow shot Hectors shield of out his hand before speaking.


"Y-yes Apollo" Hector replied back shyly, his body shaking with fear.

"Do not be afraid Hector, what we are doing here is a great thing, we are giving humanity another chance"

"But your killing honest warriors and champions for the simple crime of defending his people and his king, what about those?"

"Their fate has been sealed by the spill of Blood, Charon and Minos shall deliver their fate"

"That is not fair!"

"Fairness is not counted in this Hector, its the order of Gods which have decided your fate and the fate of mankind!"

Hector, grabbed his sword, throw it straight at Apollo in pure fustation and anger, three seconds knocked Apollo bow out of his hand, slicing a deep cut across his face. Hector stood ready for a fight, Achilles spear was pretty close to where he was standing. Hector dodge a sudden firebolt from Apollo, grabbed his shield and defend himself from the fire, and pushed forward steadily.

"Mom wouldn't approve of this Apollo, Dad would of disappointed in you!"

Apollo fell silent, the fire stopped. He looked up to the sky in silence, sighed deeply remembering his much beloved parents. Lord Knight Tony and High Priestess FireBlossom. Apollo, walked over to Hector calmly.

"You are very much corrert my young brother, here take this as a sign of my appolgise for your trouble" Apollo handed him his helmet, bright soild gold helmet with the fire elbem on it.

"Apollo..this is yours though. I couldn't"


The End

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