History is Repeated: Achilles Return

Azriel, stared long and hard at the second generation Achilles. Achilles just stood there in front of Hector like a guard for almost ten minutes but it seemed like an hour to whome were there. Azriel raised his wings, drew his sword gracefully.

"Duel with me then Achilles to settle this?" Azriel asked

"Ohh duel, I'll be happily to agree" Achilles drew his sword, clashed with Azriel's, fast and firce fighting took place, Hector watched Achilles battle hard but in the end he was not good enough to defeat the mightly Azriel. Azriel laughed and smirked to himself, before preparing himself to wipe the sins of man clean and take those who did wrong against the divine down to hell and wait Minos judgement.

"N-no..Achilles get up!" Hector shouted, his temper slowly raising. Thats it Hector thought he was going destory Azriel himself with one short clean blow of his strengh, and clean swipe of his sword. So Hector picked up Achilles shield and took his own sword, ran a charge at Azriel, Azriel didn't see Hector coming till last minute, the sound of dropping mental and a goan was heard. The crowd looked on in horror, there stood Hector over the body of the Arch Angel Azriel.

"Come forth and bring your best, mightly Divine and you mightly Zues, I shall make my own desinty and no god shall take that away from me! You hear!" Hector yelled at the top of his lungs.

Zues looked down at the victory over Azriel and laughed at Metatorn in pure delight, then processed to order Apollo down for the second challange to humanity. Apollo light up like a flare, his body was on fire and his long blonde hair was a blazing torent of fire. Apollo nodded to Zues and flew down to burn away the sins of humanity but before he could even start, Hector shot down the great greek god which such ease it was purely amazing to anyone who saw it with their own eyes

The End

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