Histroy is Repeated: Old Vs New

Second Age has begun, deep within a world which so conflict with selfness, self pity and grief wher everyone complains and moans, that the pure goodness and beauity within the world is lost cos humanity is blind to it.

High above the clouds lies two cities, Angeliusm the city of the Angels of Heaven and Mount Olympuis. Its two leaders, despises what humanity has become. So Zues and Metatorn send down their more powestful warriors to show the light to humanity and changes it ways. Metatorn sends down Azriel, Angel of Desustion and Choas bringer even the Gods on mount olympuis fear him. Zues shall send down, Apollo to banish the evil within his firey path of rightoness.

"Hear me humanity, changes your ways or else I shall bring the nine plagues upon you!" Azriel cried out, loudly and forcefully.

The mortals shock with fear and dread, then out of nowhere a mouse of a man spoke out, loud and clear.

"Call yourself an angel, come and fight the brother of a God! I am Hector, Warrior of Troy, Brother to Aries, Apollo, Hermes! Come down here and fight!"

"Ahh Hector, you dare challange an angel of the lord?" Azriel replied

"I do and much more, you cannot damn man on his history and his fellows because of you the Gods see with rose tinted glasses over the minority! Come down here and face me one and one, man to man!"

Azriel just nodded, lands queitly next the much smaller man, Azriel laughed at the smaller Hector, but Hector just pushed him forceful down and aimed his spear for his throat. Hector eyes glew with bravery and marvel at himself doing this.

"Wow brave little man, aiming that big scary at an angels throat" Azriel smirked back. All Hector could do was point it closer to Azriel throat, until the sound of distanced chariot was heard in the distanced. In the past Hector was onced killed by Achilles, but now they were like brothers, constantly at each other sides together they were unstopable.  Brother and Cousin to the New age of Gods.

"Azriel!" Voice shouted, "Azriel!" it continued again

The End

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