Here We Go

Inside the doors, the first sensation is walking into a wall of chill. The air conditioner is obviously working overtime to counteract the gathering heat. Even this early in the morning, I can feel the slight dampness on all exposed skin that I missed while I was away. 

We enter the office and a woman nods at us, busy talking on the phone with someone. We stand there akwardly for a few moments, and I take the time to get my first look at the building. Everything is in the school colors, maroon, black, and dark orange. The walls are stripped with alternating bands of the colors, while the carpet is gray with spots that don't appear to have been in the pattern. 

She finally gets off the phone and looks at us. 

"What can I do for you?" she asks my father, who looks up at her from his phone. He was probably telling his assistant that he would be delayed getting to work. 

"It's my daughter's first day here." is all he says, before returning to his phone. 

When she glances over at me, unsure, I tell her, "My name is Amber Bright, and I am a Junior."

She nods and looks to her computer, rapidly typing something. I jump as the printer in front of her beeps loudly and then spits out a single sheet of paper. 

"You are all set Amber. This is your schedule. First period starts in fifteen minutes, so go on ahead. Rooms that start with one hundred are first floor, and two hundred are second. I'm sure you won't have any problems." With this, she waves me through the side door as she answers the ringing phone. I glance at my father. He looks up long enough to give me a half-hearted wave and then walks back the way he came in. 

I take a deep breath and step through the door and into the crush of teen bodies. My first class is on the second floor, so I follow the tidal wave of people to the staircase and climb. What could possibly go wrong?

The End

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