The Descent into Darkness: Final

History of BackStrike - The Descent into Darkness - Final Part

 BackStrike walked forward towards the steal sealed crates which lay on the floor; she took her blade smashed off the locks which bound them together, picked one up. BloodBlade nodded in her response, picked up two steal boxes and IceHeart a further two. They carried them out to others, began giving them back. DeadWind young medic began cleaning their wounds alongside his brother FrostWind; they cleaned, stitched and bandaged the open and inflected wounds up, then suddenly the singing started. Rebel Songs, Gladiator Songs. BackStrike smiled, she took her sword out of the ground and pointed to the oppressive environment known as Gladiator’s Holding Pit Prisons.

 "Brothers, Sisters. Hear me speak. Now this our time, we shall build up an army of the worlds best champions, fighters, generals that the world forgot. No King or Caesar shall stop us, we shall build dark fortress, raise the flag of Born Again Knights!"  BackStrike started her speech; all her friends listen to her every last word she did speak.

 "Hail Hail BackStrike Champion of all Gladiatorial Slaves!" They cheered

 "We shall match in snow, wind, rain and sun to save our suffering brethren and we shall burn down these prisons and shall bring those inside them to Hell's Judgement! We shall let the fiery reins of hell burn them to everlasting damnation and punishment just like they did us. We shall stand strong again; we shall regain our honour, our pride, and our titles!" BackStrike continued, the cheers and chants got louder and louder.

"Hail, Hail BackStrike Champion of all Gladiators!" They cheered

"Never again shall they be allowed to force people into fighting for their pleasure; no more shall they be allowed to make us fight for our freedom! Never again shall this world forget our sacrifice, what we gave up to make them free. And this how they repair us! No more I say, this is time for revenge, this is the time for a new order! This is OUR time friends, we those forgotten heroes and champions who fought bravely for King, Caesar and Kingdom. Now it is our TURN!" She continued. Her friends threw their helmets in the air, caught them back again the chanting got louder and louder and cheers got louder and clearer. No more where they afraid, this was there time.

Each one of them grabbed a sharpening stone, began to sharpen their weapons ready for battle. The archers sharpen their arrows and dipped them into strange mixture, which was coloured in pink and purple. The Death Mages cleaned off their books and wands and staves, BackStrike took a touch and threw it on the prisons roof. Watched it burn, brightly. IceHeart brought some horses round from the nearby stable, began saddling them up for BackStrike, FlashBlade, BloodBlade. BloodBlade took a black stead with brilliantly black eyes. He mounted upon it steadily, FlashBlade took the chestnut stead with brilliantly brown sparkling eyes, and she stroked it for a while before mounting it carefully. BackStrike placed her swords and shield on her back, mounted the pure white horse with gold glowing eyes.

"Are you with me friends?!" She cried out
"Hail, Hail Strike!" They replied
"To new home, to new hope, to GLORY!" She cheered as they rode off to old forgotten fortress; they saw it from a distance.

"Prefect, isn't it Flash?" BackStrike turned to Flash, Flash nodded handling the relics.
"It is mightily fortress it will take months to repair it, but I am sure we can manage the feet of it"
"I agree with you, dear friend"

FlashBlade, studied the outside of the building before walking inside to check the interior of it. It was dusty but not rusting away, gothic and beautiful not old and collapsing. Massive of room, each room with bed, cupboard and window, each knight could make their room their own. BackStrike took claim of her highest office on the 18th floor of the building, begin cleaning it up. Flash took the big furnace rooms to set up her blacksmithing and weaponsmithing equipment for her new job, SwiftWind took the two darkest rooms, placed coffins down for beds for her and her ghostly friends.

"Ah new armour, here I come" Flash thought to herself, she began making armour, weapons, new locks for the prisons, siege weaponry all sorts. BloodBlade took a small photo board, began sticking up photos of everyone their friends on it, to serve as a reminder.

The news started to spread quickly thought-out the kingdom, BloodBlade rode out to the other prisons to start the rebellion, upon his way he spotted a lovely young female with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. He began to get distracted from his mission.

"Hey you get back to your duty" StillBlade, BloodBlade's Younger brother reminded him of his duty. As they rode towards another prison, they began setting fire to nearby stables after stealing the horses for their own need. StillBlade ran in first, slicing the locks of the cells and huge roar for "She Wolf" was heard thought-out the place.

"Dear friend, I now set you free. Go with BloodBlade outside, he shall lead you to She Wolf!" StillBlade cheered them on, helping the injured and weak to his brother.

"Still!" BloodBlade ran over shouting, picking up a little girl in his arms.

The End

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