The Descent into Darkness Part 3

History of BackStrike- The Descent into Darkness - Part 3

 BackStrike walked though the prisons; she heard the sounds of more guards coming closer. She strangely began to sing, her voice echoed throughout the hallow prison. Everyone outside could hear her sing, they sung louder to encourage her. She saw the guards running towards her, raised her shield in front her and took the barrage of arrows and swords coming for her. Fought all of the guards trying to capture her, one by one they fell by her blade.

 You have double crossed me for the last time Gladiator!" Voice shouted from upon the rafters, BackStrike looked up, eyes narrowed.

"Black! You’re mine!" She shouted back, sword and shield ready.

BlackDoom, Head of the Slave of Gladiator Movement, stared down at her. "You dare back lip me, you are nothing more then pure slave, trained to fight and die in that arena. You are the out casted, the world has shun you, disregarded you like the bit of rubbish you are, don't pretend to be something your not!"

BackStrike growled loudly, her battle roar was heard everywhere as it echoed though the wall. The chants of "She-Wolf" started again, BackStrike charged after him. Wall jumping to the top beam, they fought sword to sword up in the rafters. Their swords clashed heavily together, each one fighting their hardest then a suddenly moment of weakness. Black sliced though BackStrike's arm, she gasped in pain and he pushed her off the beam. She fell and flew down from the rafters landed on the stone floor with a clash. Black thought he had won. But he hadn’t, BackStrike began to twitch as the chants and singing from her friends got louder.

"Impossible, just die already!" Black yelled with anger
"I shall not die, I shall give up!" BackStrike yelled back returning to her feet, she throw her blade as the silver missiles hurled itself straight though Black body he fell from rafters, his body poured blood as he fell and landed heavily on the cold, unforgiving floor.

BackStrike, removed the blade from his body, continued to the weapons department to collect her friends weapons. Meanwhile outside her friends heard the echo of screams feared the worst. Flash sent her brother, Blood in and fellow friend IceHeart to go find their leader incase it was her they heard the screams coming from.

"Strike!" BloodBlade shouted, running in following the blood and bodies on the floor. He grabbed his blade, began to run faster to the sounds of fighting up the hallway. "IceHeart, be ready to put your excellent aim to the test" He continued. IceHeart nodded, running as she loaded up her bow for battle.

BloodBlade charged in, stood in front of BackStrike deflecting all the swords and spears off the guards away from her like a protective friend and guard himself. IceHeart took aim, shot perfectly her arrows zoomed though the air, hitting her targets perfectly though the head. The guards fell backwards and their body bounced on the floor when they landed.

"Blade, Icy!" BackStrike cried in surprise, seeing her two friends at her side. IceHeart was smaller then her, BloodBlade was round about the same size in height.

"Flash told us to come with you, my lady" BloodBlade replied to her cry, picking up her blade and handing it her with a smile. "So here we are, at your side till hell freezes over. Because I aren’t ready to die yet" He laughed.

"You need an archer with keen aim, brilliant reflexes that’s me Strike, I am forever in your debt" IceHeart added. BackStrike smiled at them both, walked over to strange door and with one strong kick, kicked it down with a thud.

The End

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