The Descent into Darkness: Part 2

BackStrike History - Descent in Darkness - Part Two

BackStrike stared into the eyes of the guards, put Flash on her back. Stood firmly as she refused to move, Flash hardly moved on her on her friends back. BackStrike drew out her blade, thick silver blade with blue runic writing set in the middle of it. The guards got closer, surrendering her.

"I will not back down! I won't allow you hurt anyone else!" She screamed loudly, the chants of "She-Wolf" continued, getting louder and louder. The guards trembled in their boots, BackStrike Gladiatorial history was fighting, a total of 16 victories and no defeats.

"Destroy them She Wolf!" One Shouted from his cell

"Show them no mercy like they did us" Another shouted

BackStrike looked around the prisons, with one fatal swipe of her blade she sliced though one of the guards the blade went straight though the young solider body. His crimson blood dripping down into a pool at BackStrike's feet.

"Get her you fools!" The Head Guard yelled at the remaining the guards on duty, they charged at BackStrike, she just reflected their spears her blade, knocking them out of their hands. Her blade slashed though their arms decapitating them bit by bit, limp by limp. Dead bodies lay at her feet; her eyes glowed brightly with icy ghostly blue, her voice strong and powerful.

"On this day, we belong to no man. We're our own people, those who are nether living nor are we dead, those who have been torn apart and disgraced by this man and his leader." BackStrike started, the people in the cells cheered loudly for her, rattling their bars. "Now we are going to be free, on this day. Our time has come, we are the Reborn Again. We who are damned to live for eternity reliving our sins and deeds." She continued at this point, the cheers and the rants of "She Wolf" got louder. "I will set everyone you free your prisons, cut you free of this oppressor and we shall go forth and build our lives for others." She finished.

FlashBlade smiled, as BackStrike went around breaking the locks of the cells and cutting their friends free from their chains, Flash weaken by her torture and fighting clung to her friends back with all her strength. IceHeart, SwiftWind were the first out, slowly followed DeadWind and FrostWind then BloodBlade, SilverBlade, StillBlade, BlackBlade after that. BackStrike lead them out slowly, taking down every guard in her sight. She left a trail of broken and dead bodies behind; the crimson blood of her captures soaked the stone floor. FlashBlade heard more guards approaching them from the Westside; BackStrike saw the east gate closing quickly. She took her blade, throws it with all her might and success! The blade snapped the chains on the gate, making the gate slam open with a bang on the stone above it. She grinned to herself, told everyone to run out that way and hide in nearby trees and brushes until they heard her call.

"S-Strike, w-what about you? W-what are you going to do?" Flash weairly asked as BackStrike slowly lowered her into a near bye brush with her brother BloodBlade. "S-strike, what are you planning" Flash added.

"I'm going to get your hammer back Flash the single thing you worked so hard to make and fought over for so long. Your favourite weapon, you're faithful battle parented in war and strife" BackStrike replied to her while clutching at her own blade which shone brightly in the sunlight. "Trust me I know what I am doing is risky, but their no price I am not willing to take you for"

BloodBlade and FlashBlade both nodded, and quiet singing was heard. BackStrike looked to the sky, took a long deep breath in before grabbing her shield and running back in against the torrent of guards waiting for inside. "Feel my wraith!" She shouted loudly, each one of those tortured souls she saved, watched and prayed for her. Each one willing to die for her, their hero.

"Come back have you slave?" The Slave Master mocked her, smirking under his hat. BackStrike stood firm and slightly gust of wind blow though the prison, it didn't batter her or moved her from her stance.

"No! I am no man slave. I am a free beginning now, you back to your REAL master and you tell him this, he ever touches my friends, my family. MY People, he shall feel the wraith of BackStrike BlackDelileh CurseWing!" She strongly replied, with slight hint of anger in her voice. She charged at the slave master, slipped her hidden blade out of her wrist guard and slit his throat with one motion. She turned, watched the body fall to the ground slowly and nodded at sight of crimson blood pouring out of his neck. She smirked.

The End

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