The Descent into Darkness Part 1

History of BackStrike - The Descent into Darkness

The minutes turn to hours, hours into days, days in months and months into years. She sat there alone with many others, who just like her were torn into the net of darkness. Beaten, torn and alone. Sat in a cell with only tiny bit of sun light coming from a high up window, chained to the floor like a...A...animal. All of them in there, disgraced mentally and physically. All them once champions. Cell next to BackStrike's belonged to her... Friend. FlashBlade LightCurse, The Peoples Hammer beside her cells her brother, BloodBlade LightCurse, Honoured General. What were they for? Why did they commit themselves to the darkness? Each one of those empty lifeless souls had been a Great Champion who by some fault of their own had done a dead that was shameful or given themselves up for another ill deeds or disobeyed a direct order to save an innocent life...

Voice came from the next cell.

"B-BackStrike" It quietly whispered, the voice sounded strained and exhausted

BackStrike, looked up at the hand reaching for her from in the next cell, Flash reached for her desperately before giving up.

"H-hang on Flash" BackStrike managed to reply, dragging her broken body across the floor. "W-what are we going to Strike, we can't keep fighting like this" Flash barely replied, grabbing her friend hand best she could.

"F-Flash listen to me, we're are going to get out of this, I promise you" BackStrike replied, pulling her body up slowly. Her hand gripped tightly to Flashes. Flash looked up at her friend, saw the determination in her face, her hope was renewed.

"I-I will die for you, t-this I promise you"
"I know Flash, I would do the same for you" BackStrike replied before the long chants started, crying the name "She wolf" over and over again.

"Listen to them Strike, Listen to their chants. You're our saviour, our hero" Flash told her friend in faith "Please save us" She added. BackStrike looked at Flash then listen to the chants for a while before answering. "Flash, I will get us out of this" She tugged on her chains as she was trying to break them, slowly getting stronger.

Then suddenly they broke off the wall, made a huge clash on the floor she swung the chains around her cell down, pulled on them till they bent the bars enough for her to escape. She grabbed her blade, cut herself free before running to Flash's cell. "FLASH!" She cried seeing her friend laying on the floor in her a pool of crimson blood.

"B-BackStrike...H-help me" Flash begged to her, her eyes pleading.
"Hang on Flash, I'm going to get you all out of here" BackStrike replied, slashing the chains of Flash's hands and feet, the prison guards were heard.

"Hang on bit longer Flash" BackStrike added, whilst rewrapping Flash's wounds.

Prisons guards aimed their spears at BackStrike whilst she was helping Flash. "Halt Prisoner, get back in your cell right now"

Part One Complete

The End

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