History of the HighLord

BackStrike BlackDelileh CurseWing is the HighLord of the North. Her tale is Legand among her friends, troops all other who are luckly to meet her. The Northen HighLord was the founder of the moven of knights known as ReBorn Again Knights.

When they say name, BackStrike. When they chant her name from upon baloneys, from trees, from battlefields to bases near and far. Their not chanting for one person, their chanting for their hero. BackStrike was originally born BackStrike or StrikeBack, BlackDelileh CurseWing. Daughter to Wingback Strike and CurseStrike. Hence where the name CurseWing comes from. Curse from her father, Wing from her mother. BackStrike has one sister name DeathStrike, five brothers. HeartStrike is the eldest out of the CurseWing family, successful militarily commander turned Mafia Leader age 59 nearly 60. DivineStrike, Aerial Commander and Ground Force Commander is second eldest male out of the CurseWing family, with the impressive age of 57 same as his triplets brother HolyStrike Ground Lieutenant and JudgementStrike Field Medic. DeathStrike is 20 years of age, she's one of the babies in CurseWing family, and she's basically the identical younger sister to BackStrike, last but certainly not least young BloodStrike. Who's the last born of CurseWing Family? Age 18 and impressive fighter skills like Heart, Divine and BackStrike will properly become a commander like his brothers is.

Well that's enough on the family history of BackStrike. Now for her own history...Where shall begun to tell the tale of the first Reborn Again Knight. First female Gladiator to take on the Worlds best elitist fighters and raise all her siblings single handled.

Year: Unknown
Character: BackStrike
Age: uh...Shes starts of 24 in here
Profession: Unknown as such
Married: At this time, NO

BackStrike awoke from the usual horrific dreams she had, well that's face it. Her dad wasn't actually the nicest person in the world; she had been thrown into a horrible state of woes by her unusual kind nature and personality. She was the sort of person you could call, she would be there anytime, anywhere, anyone. She had started to train with some of the best fighters in the sport of Gladiatorial Combat for a purpose; she wanted to show her dad wrong. That she was strong, not weak. She may come across to males that she's stubborn and difficult that's her barrier; she isn't your classic female in distress character. NOPE. She is strong, independent, beautiful and sexy female, who work as an Assassin, Model and Fashion Designer.

She's from Amazon Decent, so she inherited the gene to fight well and defeat enemies wherever, whenever. She's trained in all manor of weaponry. The only reason she turned to gladiatorial style of fighting was, to prove she could face anything, well almost everything she still has captured the fine art of acting and speaking to boys or being around boys yet, after the few how we say bad experiences she had. Two Abusive boyfriends and abusive alcoholic father doesn't sound like the perfect start in life does it? Nooope.

Reason why she's Undead or stuck in the middle.

She took the place of her friend, who was accused of killing helpless prisoners while they both away in combat. She took one look at her friend, then the empty the cell and paid the ultimate sacrifice. She boldly spoke out, took the punishment for her friend. Dishonoured and ashamed, she was left to root with many others similar to her. Everyday she awoke to face a merciless beating, stripped of armour, weapons and hope the only thing which kept her going for so long was the thought her friend lived and if she had died she would return to a more heavenly place for rest

The End

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