What Was Mentioned Behind the Ferris Wheel

Terry was amazing to watch.  He was surrounded by a small group of children and pre-adolescent kids who were marveling at his slight of hand magic tricks.  All the carneys thought of him as being old, but Howard didn't think he was much over 35.   Tonight Terry was dressed as a classic hobo clown.  He was such a master of pantomime and body language, that he could cause you to fall in love with him with a couple of seemingly innocuous facial expressions and hand gestures. He was equally gifted playing the villain.   He could cause you to hate him violently with just a flick of his eyebrows and a tilt of his head.  He was that good.  His real talent though was on display right now, working crowds.  Groups of people to Terry were like single animals.  He knew everything about how they behaved.  How they spaced themselves apart, where peoples toes were pointing, where their eyes glanced when they exhaled, all these things spoke volumes to Terry.  A middle aged woman noticed the group of kids, and stopped to see what they were watching.  Without even seeming to notice her, Terry's hands slowed slightly, letting her barely detect the secret of his current magic trick.  This was just enough for her to loose interest and keep walking.   

As Vlad and Howard strolled up and joined the small crowd of kids, Terry glanced up at Howard and flashed his goofy, toothless, innocent grin. His milky white eyes, nearly blind with cataracts always gave Howard the creeps.  That only made Terry smile a little wider as he went on charming the kids.  Howard glanced over at Vlad.  Time to get to work.  They started looking the kids over, one by one.

The End

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