Histoire Insaisissable

How would you feel if you were dragged into a book? One based in a fictional country in a warped 18th century.

Being a book-lover, I'd read nearly every book in my house. Including all the boring ones about war. It was  then -when I'd run out- my mother decided it was high time  ventured into the depths of the city library. 

I had only ever been to the smaller library in town, and found it incredibly dull. All the books in "my age" section were about ridiculous things like girls with fairies, and foolish taboo romance between supernatural beings and petty, simpering girls. None of them were to my taste at all.

So when I entered that giant building, filled to the brim with books -new and old. I think I could have died from the amount of times my heart skipped a beat with joy. 

'I'm going to be shopping for a few hours,' my mother told me, grabbing my sleeve so I didn't make a mad dash towards the shelves, 'So don't get lost.'

'Yeah, bye.' I waved, tugging my sleeve from her grasp. I walked quickly through the nearest set of bookshelves. I had a distinct feeling that the oldest books would be right at the back of the building, where all the dust had gathered. I've always had a desire to blow dust off of a book like it's always described in fantasy novels when they find a spell book.

I came to a halt as I came to a door with "Strictly No Entry" pasted on the front, but the text had faded and the "N" from "no" had peeled off slightly. I'm the sort of person who never breaks the rules, who would never dare to do something that was forbidden.

But in these circumstances, when this door had obviously not been opened in a very long time (I knew because dust had piled up on the handle) and I had a feeling that behind it would be many, many pages of wonder, I couldn't help but do what the sign told me not to.

I quickly scanned the area around me, it was deserted and pushed down on the old, large handle. The rusty hinges creaked in protest as I pushed the heavy wooden door open. I coughed and swished my hand about as a large cloud of dust swirled around me. 

I gasped in awe as my eyes adjusted to the gloomy half-lighting, the door was located at the top of a long staircase which led to a whole maze of shelves, weaving around one another in a dendritic

Eager to dive into the depths of this whole other world of book, I stood on the first step and flipped my head over my shoulder, wide eyed. I could hear footsteps coming from outside the door, my heart thunder on in my chest as I anticipated the trouble I was going to get into.

'Quick! Over here!' A boys voice hissed from the bottom of the staircase, I peered down and saw a leg disappear behind a shelf. I narrowed my eyes, then listened to the ever-louder footsteps. I gulped and crossed my fingers as I pattered down the steps, hoping to dear God that I didn't slip or get caught out. 

I reached the bottom of the staircase, panting, I put a hand to the stitch in my side and carried on walking deep into the maze of shelves.

The End

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