English class is the same everyday; mrs. flanders says,"K?" every five seconds; and rants at us for being stupid.

The only difference was that I now had somone to talk to in class. Luckily she was placed in the seat infront of me and we sit on the side lines.

I dig into my dirty old unorganized bag and pull out a crinkled up peice of paper.

I started to write on it with a pencil I got from the dentist the day I got my braces off.

So, gwen.

whats up?

I folded it up and pushed it under her arm. She struggled to unfold the paper, and when she did she made a face and started to write. she then folded it back and slid it under my english book.

It's Guinn...

haha, well my life is alright... kinda boring.

you? (ne na? haha)

I read it and in my head I saw myself face palm.

I wrote,

Oh, sorry haha

same old same old...

I slipped it to her and watched her dainty fingers slowly and quietly open the note while watching the teachers everymove; she was pacing the floor talking about the use of commas.

she replied and gave me back the note and smiled at me quickly.

I read,

It's ok,

whats same old same old?

haha vauge question, you have a wide veriaty of answers you can give me haha go wild.

I patted my chin with my pencil, I wanted to write back,what do ya mean?

But I knew exactly what she meant. I laughed at how she had "gotten" me I popped my fingers and prepared to write my whole day out on the back of this paper.

I was determined; I wrote,

Morning, I wake up and force myself to take a shower, clean my hair.

my mom nags me all morning and drives me to school.

I go to the cafateria and watch the people walk into the building ( not in a creepy stalker way just do it because I have nothing better to do)

first hour english *bleh*

second hour science *eh*

third hour world history * s'okay*

fourth hour math *grr*

fifth hour Gym class *UGH!*

sixth hour Art *ok, but I cant do anything good..*

Go home on bus, I have like an hour to myself...I play world of war craft...

go to my room and do homework, wait for the stupid garage door to open and adgitate my peace.

then I watch stupid chick movies with my mom... that is if she doesnt bring home her boyfriend :b

I folded the note and slipped it under her arm again.

just before she could start reading it the bell rang.

I gatherd my stuff and started walking out of class.

Elizabeth brushes past my arm and walks my pace,"I'll read it when I get to my next hour." I listend to her laugh, I smiled peacfully and repeated her name over and over again in my head,Elizabeth guinn peterson.

The End

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