chapter 4


I was going to go sit down and eat my breakfast.  the guy from my dream was staring at me. I peeked over and anytime I did he looked guess is he hasnt stared at many chicks befor and he doesnt have enough practice...this was so obvious.

i stood up and threw away my muffin wrapper and walked over to him.

"why are you starring at me?"

"uh uh im not starring at you...i just stare at space somtimes and you were in my line of vision. sorry you had to witnesss my geekness."

oh now i felt bad...but i knew he made that up because if your starring into space you dont change your line of vision as much as he did. i would know...i stare into space alot.

instead of putting him on the spot i laughed,"i stare into space ALOT too."

we both laughed and he said,"well we have that in common."

i agreed, we had ONE thing in common...thats not impressive. i really wish there was more to talk about with this guy.

"so what to you do for fun, besides starring into space." he asked

"oh im a painter, and doodler. ne na?" oops i just realized i answerd in chinese...

"whats that?"

"oh uh that was chinese...somtimes i forget and i start counting in chinese..sorry you had to wittness my geekness." we laugh...i think i just made an inside joke.

"well what does "ne na" mean?"

"oh "what about you?" i say

"ah well im a classic geek...i think, i like collecting comic book, playing video games, the usual starring into space."

"huh well i would say your classic too." this small talk was silly. i laughed at every silence.

then the bell rang and we all had to leave for first hour. we awkwardly shook hands,"it was nice meeting you...elizabeth is it?"

"l-er guinn...nice to meet you too."

i walk to my first hour class.

the teacher is running late so all the students are waiting...and starring at me.

i see the dude from my dream and walk up to him, " are you following me?" i ask playfully.

"nope i would have binoculars."

i laughed at him,"well i didnt get your name."

"oh jeremy...jeremy flemming."

i laugh at his name because it reminds me of that dead terrist from jeff dunham.

A uh C uh flem! SILENCE! I kill YOU!

"well it is a pleasure to have first hour with you jeremy flemming."

The End

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