chapter three


I think I want to get to know this chick... But then again I'm a weirdo and why would any chick want to get to know me?

My mom was yammering on about how I need to pay more attention in science. You would think that by me being a geek I would be good at scienc...But im not. Any way,as thinking about were I left off in my game of war craft, my charecter is a human and i made him perfect or whatever perfect is in my on like level 52 i have to finish my next qwest to go up a level. In my game I feel like a different person, like im really not who i really am...its kinda sad but thats my life.

i wake up from my day dream and we are pulling up to the school. i get out and grab my back pack and then my mom says somthing cheesy like "have a great day at school honey, i love you." and wave goodbye. then i walk into the stupid building and go strait to the caffateria.

as soon as i sit in the booth i see her...elizabeth guinn haggard.

The End

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