chapter two


I hate school... im sooo glad that i moved last week. though it was weird that people kept staring at me. like i was some kind of new shiney toy. but still glad; at my old school people used my name like some kind of mistake..."oops i just pulled a libby," or "eww you have libby all over you..." it made me sick.

all summer long i have been learning about art...and obbsessing over men. this obbsession started out with the boy next door. we had a summer fling but as soon as i was about to leave he dumped me. ah well it happens.

so anyway school... i dont have friends yet. but i met a bunch of random people. i dont really like people; so selfish and...icky. i dont like sports either; a bunch of sweaty beefs running around and showing off their junk. pretty much all i like is doodling and my dog abbi.


so i had a weird dream last night...i was sitting in this booth in the cafatiria of my school. i was laying on this guy, he was playing with m hair and i traced the lines in his hands and then i turned to face him and we kissed. it was more of a really good dream then weird the weird thing was i dont even know this guy...well i know him i just havent ever talked to him. i think his name is jeremy...jeremy flemming.

The End

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