his/her side of the story

this is my life story but a fantasy its what my life would be like if i had a man in middle school to highschool.


lets face it im a nerd. im never not going to be, so i might as well embrace it. its time to say "hey i live for video games and staring at hot chicks." you know what else eff those guys who think their better then me. i dont care.

my name; jeremy flemming... yeah i know my name sounds like spit; thats not really my fault. my favorite games are world of war craft, halo 2. my favorite movies, star wars, star trek, and pirates of the carrabian. my hobbies; im classic; i collect comic books. i also create Qee's, theyre these little dudes that you can pretty much do whatever, and paint them.

my favorite thing in the woorld is google...and elizabeth guinn haggard.

The End

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