The Rules (Part 2)

The sweet chirping of nightingales was heard outside the windows, the sun was bright and shining vibrantly today, even though it was raining very hard last night. Hime’s assumption had been proven true.

It wasn’t the rays of light that had been impressing on her face, it wasn’t the twittering of birds, it wasn’t the soft muttering of her name that had disturbed her sleep, but of the continuous clanking of spoon against the platter that was made of steel.

Another clank and she was annoyed.


She rubbed her eyes as she grumpily went to a seating position.

“What is this noise all about? Who did that?!” She was grumpy.

She blinked for several times as she noticed the figure that was only taller than her for quite few inches.

It was standing at the foot of her bed. He was wearing a white-strapped doublet, over it was a black vest, a blue cravat was tied on his small neck, matched with a brown trousers with hemlines well above his knee, he wore a white hose, his feet equipped with black leather boots.

His raven hair that was long and straight was now tied with blue lace at the back of his neck. He was a typical noble boy-alike, at one glance you won’t think he’s a servant of the household.

She frowned.

“You?! Why are you in my room, making such a noise!”  Hime almost thought he was a guest. But it was unlikely.

“Rule number one, stop addressing me ‘you’. I have a name, even servants deserved to be called by their respective names. Call me Cain.”

Those cobalt blue orbs were not showing emotions at all. At second thought, this boy, was creeping out the lady to an extent.

Hime quirked a brow up.

“How dare you talk to me like that?!” She threw a pillow at him, but Cain caught it up by one hand. He put it back on her bed.

"My apologies, Young Lady, but it is my duty to discipline you without delay. Calling names, be it noble or not, is no exception.” He said.

 Then realizing something he forgot, he added with his right arm on his chest, “Oh, how discourteous of me, saying something about discipline and yet I have not greeted you.”

 He bowed a little, “Good morning, Lady Himeliariz.”

  She was agitated.

 “Your words are so scripted. Tell me, where is your manner then, when you are here disturbing my peaceful sleep—with that, gah, annoying sound?” She has a very cute voice, indeed, but her pitch was irritable when she’s mad.

 “I have permission from the Marchioness. To wake you up at any means.” Cain answered, his voice was a natural monotone.

She looked around her spacious room.

“Where is Marta? She is supposed to wake me up, not you, Cain.” She made an emphasis on his name.

“She did, many times. Unbeknownst to us, you did not wake up. So she went panicky downstairs, since you have an appointment with Ms. Swann at nine o’clock, yet you are still in a deep slumber. It is stated in rule number five, that when the lady is not wakening up in her usual time, then I shall make use of my own strategy.” He said, a folded whitepaper was on his left hand. He had a glimpse of it awhile ago. Hime shook her head.

 “What is with the rule thing?” Hime asked. “You are too confident of yourself, even though you have just appeared yesterday. You are just my servant.”

“I get direct orders from the Marchioness, but she is wise, so she had it all written down. You may read it if you want, in that case, it will lessen my time explaining one by one.” He loosened the grip on the paper he was holding, revealing to Hime a paper of about twenty inches long.

The young lady was agape.

“I have no time of your inanity. Leave-my-room!” She didn’t shout, she was just pointing her index finger at the door. The boy ignored it.

Cain pulled out a golden watch from his side pocket, he took a glance at it before he said, “Exactly seven. Now, now, you need to get up if you wanted to eat breakfast with the Marchioness, which is a rare occasion, it seems.”


She then sighed before she jumped out from her bed.

With contempt, she said, “One thing I would like to remark,” she was now staring at the young boy, “It could have been better between us if you were agirl.”

“I am not, so to speak. So acclimatize yourself, progressively I suggest.”

He was standing firmly and his eyes were seemingly intent only to stare at her in that moment.

“Whatnot.” She hissed before ringing the bell situated above the bedside table, a manner to call her maids.

The End

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