Argument (Part 2)

He turns his gaze at Hime. He looks hurt and shock this time.

Then he sighs deeply. As if in defeat.

"I thought, my dear Hime, that I have your word not to do that again?" He is talking about the escaping thing, since Hime has an old habit to skip classes and so on.

"But I was following you, Uncle Stephan!" Hime explains.

She never thought that her mother would hire someone to monitor her actions. Or was it Mr. Charles? Her mother's butler?

"Were you always following me whenever I leave? Is that it?" Stephan asked disappointedly. Hime went silent.

She is feeling embarrassed at this point. She even had red face now.

What to say, what to say?

"I see that you have been spoiling my daughter so much, Stephan. It is unhealthy for her. And as for you, my hard-headed daughter, you will not be able to go out without Cain on your side. In him I can gain confidence. Cain will discipline you in my behalf."

"I am very sorry, Mother." Hime says in a lower tone.

"I do not need to hear your sorry one after another. Had you not been so stubborn I wouldn't go this far."

Stephan palms his face as he shakes his head.

"I cannot believe you were actually doing this behind my back, Hime. You could have been hurt, or get yourself into trouble. Roaming around the town, particularly alone, is not safe for you." He says, the argument earlier had just been forgotten at the moment.

"That is why I need someone to look after her, since as you can see, Stephan, I am a very busy woman." 

"I am well aware of that." Stephan's voice is soft this time.

"But if you cannot look after her then I will take her instead." Stephan says earnestly.

"Uncle!" Hime punctuates, surprised.

"You must be joking. My daughter will just ruin your schedules." The Marchioness tilts her head to the right, and Hime goes silent for her mother is right.

She is always been a trouble to anyone and she is a hassle even to her own mother. If she is not, then why would her parents leave her in this seemingly isolated manor?

She is trapped with a butler, maids, and other household servants. It is not convenient at all.

"I am serious." Stephan firmly said.

"If you are, how much more I am?" The Marchioness asks sarcastically.

He is clenching his hands as he turns towards the new boy.

"But how can an amateur servant, such as this present you're so proud of, discipline a young lady?" He inquires and he sounded as if he does not trust the boy.

"I will take Hime while you are in a long trip. I will take full responsibility whatever happens to her, Marchioness..." Her uncle takes a deep breath.

"…Because I am afraid you are about to entrust your daughter's life to a complete stranger. Instead of someone else, why not give the responsibility to me? I have been asking youthislong ago." 

"I can assure you that Cain's not a stranger, Stephan. He is trained and skilled." The Marchioness replies.

"Whatever you say," He capitulates.

"But I will take Hime with me." He adds with finality.

"Very well." The Marchioness eventually agreed.

"I am only out of the country for another six months. I will depart after her birthday, when I return, I will take her back."

Hime feels sad.

Her mother had just arrived. She's happy to know that her mother will be present in her eight birthday, but, it made her so sad to know that she would be out of the country again.

She would not be able to see her mother for another six, long months. Perhaps when her mother returns back she might be taller again.

"And oh, you take Cain along with her."

The young earl is stunned.

"Very well." But he succumbs anyway.

In that desolated parlor concealed oddly with great despair, it is Lady Himeliariz Moorefield who is more alarmed, upset at the same time.

The new boy by the name of Cain, whose existence is still unidentified, remains speechless as long as he could. 

The End

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