The Present (Part 1)

"Come here, my dear Lil Hime." He said. 

"Your mother wants to see you." Her young uncle, Stephan, widens his arms to embrace the anxious child.

"Nah, what are the tears for, Lil Hime?"

"They are not tears, Uncle Stephan. They are white pearls." She denies, but her uncle wipes the droplets of tears that have started to drip on her pinkish cheeks. It is her usual alibi whenever she started to cry.

"You are ugly when you make a face like that." Her uncle smirks.

"You are supposed to be happy than feeling scared, Hime." He added, sighing as he hears no reply from his niece.


"She is already downstairs. Would you mind to go and see her?" He encourages her.
"B-but she is always here to scold me. If not, she would forbid Hime going out and it is terrible. She is always like that." There is a pout forming on her small lips.

"Why would I go and see her if that is the case?" She grumbles.

"She forbids you?" Her uncle mystifies, quirking a brow. She nods.

"Well, I can say it is merely natural. She is your mother after all." He curls an arm around her tiny shoulders. His golden hair is a little spiky but his bangs are gelled up on his forehead, exposing his blue eyes that can easily faint the ladies if he dares so.

"She is scary. Why does she have to scorn all the time? She wears a very displeasing face, but it is not fair at all because she is still astoundingly beautiful." She twirls her dolly bangs by her fingers as she looks up to her uncle.

"Ah, of course she is. You just have to ignore her domineering attitude. She simply does not want people to think she's weak."

"I think otherwise." She pauses.

"I think she does not have any weaknesses."

"Yes, she has. A lot." He winks at her rather arrogantly. "Your mother is a lovely woman, Hime. She is kind and very lovable but she struggles to admit it." Her uncle confesses, and then he elicits a small laugh that surprises Hime.

"Your mother is very pretentious in many ways. She is scared of cats, do you know?"

Hime gives him a clearI-do-not-knowstare. And she pouts as her uncle grabs her hand.

"You are always protecting her."

"Oh? That theory did not cross my mind." Stephan shrugs his shoulders.

"Yes, you are." She insists as they now walk through the door.

"She might be lovely but she is scary. In fact, Uncle Stephan is theonlyone who sees Mother as a lovely woman. It does not make sense to me."

"You should not say that, Hime. The Marquis would not marry your mother unless he does not find her lovely and daring. If that was the case, assuming, then you would not be here talking to me, don't you think?" He smiles as he pats her head.

"Why are you so very kind, especially to her, Uncle Stephan?" She says suddenly. The earl stiffens for a brief moment. He stares at her small wide eyes.

"I wish my mother is like that, too. She never pats my head like you always do." There is pain in her voice. He noticed it.

"I am not that kind my lovely niece. If Iwas, things would have been different from what it is like now. But I think I rather prefer myself be greedy in nature than be kind, in that case, I can have what I wanted most. Unfortunately, I am neither kind nor greedy."

Hime narrows her eyes in confusion.

"Did I say something that confuses you?"

"I do not like it." She says, her eyes narrowing like her mother when annoyed.

"I do not like it when Uncle Stephan tries to be so kind to comfort me but is still so hesitant to admit it. You are so humble in a bad way."

Stephan is taken aback at his niece's blunt words. "I guess it is nature. Oh but please, Lil Hime, let's end this conversation. How many times shall I tell you, I am not as humble as you think I am? You are becoming as blunt as your mother, I am afraid so to admit."

"It is because I am her daughter." She mumbles.

Stephan rolls his eyes wittingly.

The End

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